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Guidelines to Select a Suitable Awning

Patios are often designed to be the most beautiful part of a house. But come summer, this pretty escape is less visited due to its exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, right above. But thanks to awning this problem is also solved. An awning is an extra top, apart from the uniform roof of the house, which is put up in particular portions of the house, wherever required. It maybe made of cloth or aluminum, depending on the area where it is being put up. Residential awnings, which are put up in homes are often made of cloth which maybe canvas or any such thick material, whereas, commercial places like restaurants and malls put up aluminum awnings. Awnings may also be retractable, that is they can be pulled out whenever required and pushed back into its place when not in use. All these points will be looked into in detail to help you get the most suitable awning.While selecting a suitable awning the following points must be looked into. The place where the awning is going to be put up should be first taken into consideration and accordingly the type of awning should be selected. If it is going to be the backyard of a house, residential awning should be used. The awning should be made of cloth like canvas or other such thick materials, which can be consulted with the awning supplier with regard to the climatic condition and durability. Keeping in mind the elegance of the backyard, pastel colors can be used for the awnings or to have a brighter appearance, summer colors like yellow, lime green and sky blue can be used.For a more catchy appearance, striped awnings may also be put up. If it is a restaurant or mall that you are planning to put up an awning it must be made of harder material like aluminum or steel, for it to sustain longer. Retractable awnings, i.e., awnings that can be opened to form a shade when required and folded back to its place when not in use, are mostly opted for residential awnings and sometimes in restaurants with open air places. This is done with the help of a mechanized awning that can be controlled by you.Awning patio covers are specially designed keeping in theme with the design of the patio. They may be kept elegant or made fun with different designs along with frills at the bottom. However, if your idea of awning is to merely get shade from the harmful rays of the sun then you can opt for shade awnings which are made only with the motive of providing shade. They are usually a sheet of monotone thick canvas suspended by thick ropes. However, shade awnings are now available in innovative shapes and sizes. Outdoor awnings are used mostly for commercial places as they are bigger in size and hence more suitable for bigger places.Awnings may sometimes be used just to have a pretty, fairytale like appearance of homes or restaurants. They may add a fancy touch to a place by way of its colors, patterns, etc. But on the whole, it is a great way of keeping the sun’s rays away from directly falling on you, in a fashionable yet affordable manner, especially in a way which is most suitable to you as per your requirements, thus making your summers enjoyable.